How to Test and Improve your English Grammar Skills?

By M.Akmal
September 3, 2019

Are you an English learner, just getting to learn how to speak the English language?

Or you may be hastening your rate of learning English because you may be moving to a country that primarily speaks English because you may want to further your education or for other purposes.

You may also want to learn English because you want to further your career pursuits and pass your other peers.

Some may also want to learn English so as to have better communication skills in order to ace an upcoming interview or potential delve into a particular career or job opportunity.

You may also just want to expand your vocabulary and speaking skills to enhance your status in the society and gain new found respect.

In whatever circumstance that may be pushing you to learn English, you may want to eventually how far your English grammar knowledge lies and the good thing about this is that testing your knowledge may not be as difficult as it may appear.

Online Websites

The internet or online website; this is the first place to check whether you are proficient in the English language or not.

There is a wide range of available websites which have been formulated specifically for measuring your level of English knowledge.

A website such as also offers more ways on how to improve your English speaking, writing and listening skills that you already have.

The website offers learning lessons at different levels for each person for example beginners, elementary and intermediates.

Having a writing career

There are many online jobs to do with writing and they offer a well-paying consideration for the writing that is done.

For any person who may want to jump start a good writing career joining such writing sites may be a good idea.

The websites also offer tests that can help you as a writer measure your level of writing and can also help the person hiring you establish your level of writing.

Examples of writing sites are Freelancer and iWriter.

Freelance writing on a small scale helps you sharpen your English grammar and writing skills.

It also sharpens your skills and broadens your vocabulary and your level of understanding of the English language.

If you write on a daily basis you should be assured of improving your writing skills over a period of time. As the saying goes practice makes perfect.

Taking an English Course

There is also the option of taking an online Grammar English course or enrolling in an English class at your nearest University or College or hiring a tutor.

The advantage of taking an online English course is that you do not have to physically attend the classes so it is very convenient additionally the lessons can be done at your preferred time.

The lessons are also very cheap and do not have to be done in conjunction with another degree course.

There are some learning institutions that have the ESL classes where learners can learn English as a second language which can be done along with the main degree.


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