How essential is English in Corporate World

By M.Akmal
April 1, 2020

Communication is the key factor that gives an extra edge to an individual’s personality.

It is not necessary but mandatory for people to have great educational and communicational skills.

Although communication encompasses the ability to express one’s self but nowadays communication is associated more with knowing and being fluent in English language than the ability to speak one’s mind.

This expression and fluency is vital for progress and overall status of an individual and considered crucial traits in interviews, group discussions, seminars etc.

The present scenario is such that people who never considered learning English language are forced to do so because this language has found its way in every single activity of our day-to-day life.

Whether you are a business owner, a student, a worker, an entrepreneur or an official in government offices, you are expected to walk and talk English.

This clearly testifies the fact that English as a language has subdued the regional and tribal languages in various countries and is emerging as the top rated language at the international level.

English has reached to such high levels that people associate it directly with education and stature of an individual.

Success of an Organization Depends On English Language

Every organization is driven by the workforce that constitutes it.

In order for a company or an establishment or an office to taste the fruits of success, the individuals forming and working in it need to possess good education, talent and skills along with personal qualities like discipline, punctuality, hard-work, patience and exceptional communication.

This communication is in English in almost all offices and workplaces and with every passing year, English is becoming more and more powerful in terms of the people accepting it and using it.

Since communication is occurring solely in English, it would not be wrong to say that success of an organization depends largely on the ability of employees to communicate in English language.

Proper English Language Helps Make an Impression

With so many people conversing in English, it is considered a common trait among some companies but the truth is majority of the people are speaking broken, grammatically incorrect language.

This is particularly seen when organizations or employers collaborate with foreign investors.

You need to be absolutely clear in what you say and what you demand.

An insufficient knowledge of English language will do you more harm than good in such situations.

A bad language can definitely spoil the deal so individuals need to take care that they are conversing in proper language.

Grammar and punctuated language is crucial for day-to-day communication among employers and employees.

Consider an employer giving instructions in wrong English and saying “I want this presentation to be full”. Does that make sense to you? How do you expect the employees to understand the instructions of employers and make necessary arrangements?

This is where the importance of English language jumps in, because lack of understanding between the staff at office is a deteriorating trait of any firm.

Every Profession Demands This Quality

Whether you are a doctor, an engineer, an architect, a lawyer or following any other profession and do not have a good English, you will agree on the fact that at one point or the other you have cried over this language.

This language alone can help make an impact on customers and clients approaching you. 

Whatever profession you have entered, people have begun weighing professionals by their ability to speak English fluently.

This definitely highlights your qualities and is seen as a “wowing” factor by many.

Many people think that talent and knowledge can get you far in the race but in this competing world, individuals need to be and possess a lot more than just talent.

It is seen that many job-seekers come with great knowledge and qualifications in the interviews and leave without getting selected.

Why would that happen? The answer is simple. Candidates should have the caliber of telling the world what all they have.

The interviewers are not looking for one or two qualities; they are seeking employees who are a complete package.

So, students and workers need to embellish their personality in the right manner if they wish to see success and stability in life.

Daily Activities are Dependent on This Language

 So you somehow managed to clear your interviews, drag through group discussions without the necessity to speak in English and now are sitting on your desk contented.

But wait! The challenges are not over; instead they have just entered your door.

Corporate world communicates in English and you can hardly survive in it if you do not have a superb command over this language.

Daily conversations are in English language at almost every big MNC and corporation and when it comes to giving presentations and speaking in seminars, forget speaking in any other language.

A lot of employees complain that they put in a lot of hard work and complete every task on time but still don’t manage to bag the “employee of the month” reward yet the one employee who strolls around office doing nothing except participating actively in discussions is the favorite of the boss.

The answer is known to all. The ability to speak and express one’s ideas and thoughts properly adds to the charm of an individual and thus, that particular person is the center of attraction of all presentations and discussions.

You might have the greatest idea that could change the course of your life but your inability to put that greatness in words will devalue it.

Every Position Holder Requires Command over English

People have this vague mentality that  not everyone needs to speak good English and that it is only necessary for the company’ s chairperson or team heads or CEOs to have command over English language.

This mentality is largely defective because when the whole office is using English as the primary language, the positions don’t matter.

Whether you are the lowest level employee or the head of the department, you will feel the need to converse and hold meetings with people of different ranks and you cannot carry a translator with you throughout the day.

That is why people of all ranks and levels need to be good English speakers.

Even the secretaries who have nothing to do with the working or functioning of an organization are required to have English speaking ability, otherwise the various office holders will not be able to convey their instructions to the staff.

This lack of communication will affect the whole working environment and cause a hindrance to the otherwise smooth operations.

Employees Are Weighed By the Knowledge of This Language

Offices require quick and qualified employees and being expressive is considered a great quality by many professionals.

It is seen that some individuals are not that educated or qualified yet they are promoted to greater positions year by year.

This is the product of having a good personality, attitude and great communication skills.

When it comes to doing business with clients, business owners sit and talk and exchange ideas and decide if there is scope for mutual success.

Sometimes business owners are so apt and eloquent that they can impress the clients even with an average idea.

This is the power of convincing the second person with correct usage of words and this tact is very helpful in making relationships with clients as well as customers.

We all will agree that if a salesperson is selling a product/ service and conversing in English, we will, by default, assume that the product must be great and worth buying because the person selling it seems qualified and knowledgeable.

On the other hand, if a person cannot speak English properly and knocks at our door, we will ignore him and pay no heed to his words.

This is a clear example of us, common people, being affected by this language.

Good English follows good brand elements like product explanations, emails and newsletters etc. which are becoming increasingly popular.

If these are framed and written systematically, the consumers get a sense of trust and belief.

For those of you, still looking to improve English language and making an impression, make learning English language a priority in life.

Learning English will aid you in all phases of life. Whether you are craving professional elevation or social acceptance, having an appropriate knowledge of English will enhance your level everywhere.

There are multiple platforms that will help you get there like online learning tutorials, presentations and websites specially created for this purpose.

Online learning is easy and comes with many benefits that are hard to find elsewhere.

All in all, English is very useful for personal, social and professional life and is indispensable in all walks of life.

If you invest in it now, you will not regret it because it will surely yield lucrative results in the future.


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