How to do SEO in 30 Minutes for a Website

By M.Akmal
March 29, 2020

How to do SEO for a website or webpage in less than 30 minutes and get quick results?

SEO could easily be done for a website or blog.

You can also rank your YouTube channel with the help of SEO.

As regards the topic/title of the video, how to do SEO in 30 minutes for a website or blog, here we mean a single article, blog or a webpage.

When you are going to post a new blog, article or creating a new page on the website; you should do following things with regards of SEO:


The body of the post or content of the page is very important.

You should write well research content free from errors, spelling and grammar mistakes, not copied and unique from all aspects.

Post your content, article or blog on the page in good syntax and eye-catching format.

Meta Title, Description and keywords

Meta tags are very much important for any post or page.

Once you have written the content for the post, and then write the Meta title and Meta description based on your keywords.

Insert Meta title, Meta description and Meta keywords on the back-end of the page.

Use of Heading Tags

HTML Headings of the page are very much important for ranking article or blog.

Use headings in your page’s content wisely.

Place your main heading in h1 and h2, h3 till h6 in sub headings.

Your headings on the page make it user friendly and eye catching for users.

Use of Media on the Page

Media like images and videos on the page plays a very important role in the optimization of that particular page.

Use relevant media such as videos and images on the page that really could add value.

Optimize images by adding caption tag, images ALT text, image description; search engine and user-friendly URL ETC.

Keep the size of the image as low as possible.

Add an SEO optimized video on that page.

Linking the post of Page

Internal linking is also an important part of your SEO strategy.

Once you have posted content on the website, now link it to the relevant pages on your website.

Do the all of the above mentioned techniques and let it index in the search engine.

Normally, search engine take 1-3 weeks to index your newly submitted pages. You can do SEO for the rest of the web pages in a similar way.

Do you want to rank your post in Google? Watch complete video below:


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