Sub Domain vs Sub Folder: Which is better for SEO?

By M.Akmal
September 3, 2019

Subdomain and Subfolder, both are the content repositories on a primary domain, but both effect the website in different ways. You can add a subdomain or subfolder on your website to place additional data. Both have different pros and cons with respect to SEO. Let’s take a brief look and decided what is better for search engine optimization?

Sub Folder

Basically, a subfolder is a folder that is created within another folder or that is contained within another folder.

Normally, webmasters of web developer creates additional folder on the website to keep additional data. Creating a sub folder is a common practice to keep additional data on the websites.

For examples, a sub folder for blog data will be in the following syntax:


Subdomain means a domain within the domain or subdivision of primary domain. You can also say that a sub domain is an Internet domain which is part of a primary domain.

Subdomains are also created to put additional or extra pages on the website. Here are some examples for the subdomains.


In above examples, blog, myinternetblog and tss are subdomains, which are created on the, and main domains.

Which is better for SEO?

Sub domain or sub folder, which one is better for SEO? Mostly, webmaster recommends that sub folder is better than sub domain in order to keep additional data on your website.

Creating a sub folder is better than a subdomain for Search Engine Optimization point of view. Watch this video to analyze pros and cons of subdomain vs subfolder for your website:


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