Difference between Length of Content vs Depth of Content

By M.Akmal
September 3, 2019

Depth of the Content means how much your content is close to the subject matter.

It is also referred to the effectiveness of the content.

How much the content is user-friendly?

How much it is understandable for a common user; these are the things which decided the effectiveness of content.

So, the depth of the content refers to the quality of the content.

Length of the content means the quantity of the content. 

It referred to the amount of words in a particular article, blog or paragraph.

Let’s understand it with an example; we have a page with a content of 2000 words there, so in this case the length of the content will be 2000 words, in other words your content is long up to 2000 words.

For search engine optimization, both the length of the content and the depth of the content are important.

Long content on the page, at least more than 2000 words with high quality and close to the subject matter will be considered more efficient and effective to boost your SEO strategy.

Watch this video below and understand the length vs depth of content in details:


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