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Learn to speak American English. English language training. Idioms, slang, accent reduction, pronunciation, conversation

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Created by: Muhammad Akmal Urdu Published date: 02/26/2014 (3)

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About This Course

Is it difficult for you to speak English fluently? Are you having tough times around your friends in English speaking? Do you feel shy or hesitated in front of many people? I am not mind reader, but can guarantee you that you have come to the right place.

Yes, you can learn English in your own language.

Because, we are offering the best Spoken English course online In Urdu and Hindi. I am not saying this, over ten thousands of students in Pakistan as well as in Saudi Arabia, UAE and many other countries.
No wonder to achieve a milestone having strong foundation is really important. Therefore we are offering you a complete package of English speaking course online and in DVD. I completely recommend you to study bit by bit. You can see an improved person in you soon. My extended help is always available for you all.

What are the basic to learn Far Far English Spoken Course?


  • If you are unaware and English is as a challenge for you. No worries keep courage and learn language in easy steps.
  • It is essential to have understanding of the basics. This will help you in everything you study and learning will be much easier than ever before.

How you can have grip on the international language?



  • Simply stating! Speak to yourself and people around you. Do not be nervous and give it your best whenever you communicate.
  • Gradually, you will become an improved person and have fluency in the pitch. How can you become a one? A great detail of English speaking course online is available for your convenience.


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Umar ali

You are very good teacher god bless you sir
Abdul Rehman

“Sir Akmal is an exceptional English teacher with a unique approach to teaching pronunciation. His ability to distinguish and teach both British and American English sounds is impressive. His classes have greatly improved my speaking and listening skills.
Nida Shabbir

Excellent.sir apne play store py dictionary bne jese apne English talfaz.aam talfaz.asal talafz bne.kia apne aese dictionary bne
Zaid Ahmad

Very good sir you are a very good techer
Imran syed


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Muhammad Akmal


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