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Web Content Writing Course - Learn about how to write website content, articles, blogs, press releases and others in perfect English.

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Created by: Muhammad Akmal & Imran Shafi Urdu Published date: 07/30/2019 (3)

About This Course

Free Website Content Writing Course offers you to learn about how to write content for your website, blog, YouTube channel, promotional content and others in English. This is a professional and recommended course for all of those who want to learn about how to write SEO friendly content. The course consisted of different sections comprising tips and guides for creating SEO friendly Content from basic to advance.

You can start this web content writing course, even you are at very basic level of English. This course will help you to improve your English writing skills as well as how to write content for your web blog or SEO campaigns. Just reshape your English writing skills, arrange a computer, notebook, a pen and start learning web content writing.

Content writing course is divided into various sections; just to shape up your English content writing skills, trainers Muhammad Akmal and Imran Shafi have developed a complete scheme of content writing learning. You will start from learning and understanding the different types of content, websites, adding content to the web and then will move towards the important SEO terminologies and how to write prefect and search engine friendly content.

Key Features of the Course:

  • SEO friendly Content Writing
  • Learn to write on any topic in English
  • Short but very professional videos
  • Special SEO understandings
  • Free of Cost
  • 24/7 Live support

Who is this Course for?

Everyone, who want to be a content writer and grow his/her career as a content writer; this course is for them. Become a seasoned content writer just within 2-3 weeks.


Expert English coach Muhammad Akmal and SEO consultant Imran Shafi has created this course.

Course Duration:

This is a very short duration course. You can become a professional content writer within 2-3 weeks with this professional content writing course.


This is an absolutely free course for all the students. Take this course and add this precious skill in your resume.

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Zainoo Khan

Thank u sir.
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thanks sir i need such these courses in lockdown days
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About the instructor

Muhammad Akmal

Muhammad Akmal is The TOP rated coach as he comes with 15 years of English language teaching experience.
Akmal has spent years researching ways to teach English in a way that it becomes a wonderful way to learn English as he discusses minute details in a very light and funny way.
He has taught more than 70,000 students and counting… . Many of his students have become successful entrepreneurs and countless sit in big multinational companies and enjoy wonderful perks.
Akmal is a self-made successful entrepreneur in education field training and preparing more and more self-made entrepreneurs.
He is the man in demand yet easy to talk to.
Take a course from Akmal and start shaping up your marvelous career.


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