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Created by: Khorsheed Alam Gohar E Qalam Urdu Published date: 03/10/2018 (3)

About This Course

Do you know what Calligraphy is? Basically, Calligraphy is a visual art related to writing. It is the design and execution of lettering with a broad tip instrument, brush, or other writing instruments. It is a very much important and valuable skill to learn. Urdu Calligraphy is considered an art form. This art of writing is often used to write a verse or saying, or someone's name or a title or any phrase.

The skill Sets bring an amazing Urdu Calligraphy for you. In this course a seasoned teacher is teaching you Urdu Calligraphy. This course is included Huroof E Abjad training consisted of Alif bay in nastaleeq calligraphy(ب، الف), Seen Sheen (ش، س), Fey Quaf (ق، ف), Laam meem(م، ل), Noon Wao(و، ن), hey (ہ، ح), Choti ye bari ye (ے، ی) and more.

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Great and unique course. Team skill set Should create intermediate level of KHATATI course. Thanks for creating it.
abdul rehman

great course
Saghir Akmal

I am really Excited

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Muhammad Akmal

Muhammad Akmal is The TOP rated coach as he comes with 15 years of English language teaching experience.
Akmal has spent years researching ways to teach English in a way that it becomes a wonderful way to learn English as he discusses minute details in a very light and funny way.
He has taught more than 70,000 students and counting… . Many of his students have become successful entrepreneurs and countless sit in big multinational companies and enjoy wonderful perks.
Akmal is a self-made successful entrepreneur in education field training and preparing more and more self-made entrepreneurs.
He is the man in demand yet easy to talk to.
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