Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Urdu Hindi - Basic to Advance

Latest SEO Course - How to Do SEO in 2021 and Onward: Search Engine Ranking factors, Website Audit, OnSite SEO, OffSite SEO, Search Engines Algorithms, SEO Tools & Technologies and much more...

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Created by: Imran Shafi Urdu Published date: 04/10/2018 (4)

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About This Course

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a millions dollars skills. If you can rank your business better on Google or search partners, then nothing can stop you from making huge revenues, more growth and long term standings in the Market. Keep in mind that the world of internet is full with opportunities and the search engine Optimization is one of the most important and highly valuable skills, which can make you able to cash these opportunities.

SEO has great worth, which cannot be summarized or explained in a few lines or paragraphs but keep in mind, this is a skill which can make you rich, successfuly and growing ultimately.

Professional SEO Course by The Skill Sets - SEO on Finger Tips

THE SKILL SETS bring a highly professional and detailed SEO course. With this course you can become an SEO expert and start working online to make money online. This course helps you to learn Search engine optimization from basic to advance. Either you are a student, a businessman, a retired person or a house lady; this course is designed for you.

If you want to become a freelancer with SEO, then you should take this course. It will help you in learning everything about SEO and how to use this fantastic skill of now and future to make money online. Everything regarding SEO has been fully elaborated in this course to overcome all of your difficulties in learning.

Basically, SEO is divided into following Steps:

Website Audit

Website Audit refers to the analysis of all the possible factors that affect the visibility of the website in search engines especially Google. It gives you complete insights on any of the website. Usually following factors are analyzed during this process:

  • Health of the Website - analyzing the overall health of the Website.
  • Security measures - Is it a secured website by all aspects?
  • Technical Factors - web accessibility, site content, structure, design etc.

Keywords Research

This is consisting on understanding business niche and search best key phrases, keywords or search terms to implement website content development and promotional strategies.

Onsite SEO

It is the process of making a website or web product fully indexable. For example, meta tags, Sitemaps, the website's content updating, checking website W3c validation, onsite media optimization, creation of landing pages and much more. That's all you are going to review in the Onsite SEO section of the course below.

Offsite SEO

This is an ongoing process. This consists of building links for the website's keywords and web pages using all available and possible Link Building techniques.

Here below, you can see the important segments and content of this course, which you are going to learn:

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m umair

MashaAllah Very nyc course and very easy to learn.
basharat bashir

outstanding : mashallah
Jamshed Wali

Great course by Sir Imran Shafi. Very Easy learn SEO
Abdul Haseeb

Thank you so much Imran Shafi your course is amazing. The way you explain everything is very impressive. I learn tons of new things about SEO from this course and believe me I have never seen such an outstanding course before. Wish you a good luck for the future. Thank you!!!

About the instructor

Imran Shafi

Imran Shafi is a young and passionate Digital Marketing professional and English content writer. He has many satisfied client for those he has completed several SEO and SMO projects successfully. Currently, Imran Shafi providing SEO, SMO, Google PPC, YouTube channel optimization and product promotion Services for many client around the Globe.

As an SEO professional, Imran Shafi is also teaching Search Engine Optimization on The Skill Sets via his tested SEO techniques and methodologies. He has summarized all of his experiences, experiments, tested tools and secrets of his online success in his courses which are available on the skill sets.

On the skill sets, Imran Shafi and his team are with a mission to teach the world in an advanced and simplest way and make the people independent plus motivated. He brought learning and earning opportunities side by side.

Take the advantage from Imran Shafi’s tested tools, methodologies, skills, and knowledge if you want to grow your career in Search Engine Marketing. Take his courses and start learning from now at your own home.

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