Common English Sentences Set 14 with Urdu Translation

By M.Akmal
December 19, 2019

Make your English good just in 10 minutes!

Muhammad Akmal spoken English trainer on The Skill Sets teaches you the commonly Spoken English sentences in American and British accent, so you could speak English excellently.

M. Akmal has clearly elaborated English sentences with Urdu Hindi meaning, so they could become understandable for everyone.

The Skill Sets English training will give you the confidence to develop your English accent.

So, become an active member of The Skill Sets community, if you want to learn English conversation from basic to advance.

Muhammad Akmal’s basic conversation in English training is a very helpful way to improve your English speaking skills.

So, don’t waste your time and money here and there, take Muhammad Akmal’s guide for common English sentences for speaking and start learning English from now.

Watch a video here to get English Sentences Set 14 to learn English spoken fluently:


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