Quick Way of Learning English Idioms in Urdu

By M.Akmal
September 3, 2019

Idioms with Urdu meanings

Do you want to speak English fluently?

Learn idioms, and the right way of having a big hand on idioms is learning English idioms in Urdu.

Before you go ahead, lets discuss about idioms and their importance first.

An idiom in English or other language is a phrase or a combination of words that have culturally understood meanings.

The meanings of the words in idiom are different from the dictionary meanings.


English Grammar CourseThere are thousands of idioms occurring in all the languages frequently. 

Comparatively, it is easy for a fluent speaker to understand the meanings of idioms used in a particular language.

Different words in combination make an idiom meaningful, but it can’t be understood with the meanings of its elements.

Idiom makes the speaking easy!

An idiom makes your expression strong and gives you more confidence in English spoken.

They increase fluency and confidence of the speaker’s.

No doubt, idioms (particularly English idioms) require hard time of learners to learn and understand, but they make it very easy to speak like a native speaker.

It is a fact that the things are difficult, but if you have the right people or some kind of right support with you they aren’t.

Categorically, learning idioms is a difficult job, but with the skill sets it’s not.

For Urdu Hindi users, the skill sets English professional offering special classes for learning English idioms in Urdu, which means you can learn English idioms with Urdu meanings.



Just watch idiomatic video training on the skill sets YouTube channel and learn important idioms in English.

Muhammad Akmal is teaching idioms by translating them into Urdu Hindi as well as using idioms in English sentences.

The English Urdu idioms scheme of learning along with the practice will make you able to speak fluent English using formal and informal idioms in your spoken sentences.


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