Become an Online English Tutor and Start Your Online Earning

By M.Akmal
July 25, 2019

Online English Tutor


Online tutoring is one of the most popular among the online jobs.

It is a great venture for those who want to work for themselves. It offers the opportunity to work for oneself and offers great rewards to both the student and the tutor.

This is because the tutor is able to come up with innovative and creative material that is of benefit for the student.

Additionally, they are both (student and tutor) able to work at their own convenience.

The following are tips to help any individual succeed in their venture as online English tutors.  


Familiarize with your Students’ Learning Skills


As a tutor, your work is more personalized than a normal teacher. You should always take into consideration the learning skills that are more suited towards the student.


Student Learning Skills


Figure out to what level of English is the student proficient with. Some students may be skilled in talking English, but when it becomes a challenge when writing it down.

Create lesson guides that are better suited to the student’s understanding of English. The lesson guides should be particular to the student’s needs.

The exciting part is that with technology, there are an unlimited number of provisions to improve communication and tutoring.

Therefore, use pictures that have small explanatory notes arranged using the slide presentation software such as PowerPoint.

Ensure the content within your lessons are not only interesting, but are also inspiring and motivating this captures the attention of the student and their capability for understanding is enhanced. 


Encourage Your Students


Learning a new language or sharpening one’s skills in a language is a hard task in itself, so the process of learning should not be made more difficult.

It is advisable to continuously encourage your students during the learning process.

Incorporate conversing episodes during which you can engage in conversation with the student to detect any errors and provide constructive criticism to help them improve in their speaking skills.

You can use the Skype application to facilitate face to face virtual communication with your student.

You can also hold a conversational creativity class during which you can listen to the student’s poetry, songs formulated in English and storytelling.

Students thrive in interactive learning environments.



When using virtual resources your camera should be your best partner. Ensure that you are as expressive as possible to make the student comfortable.

If you are teaching a group of students at the same time you can have a chat box as a communicative channel, this is so much more effective than the traditional lecture hall environment.

You can have some students making comments or interacting through the chat box all at the same time. This makes the learning experience more productive and interesting.


Create a Personal Learning Network


As a freelance tutor success in your work is highly dependent on your efforts, your skill and your how you sell yourself.

It is important to network with people who are in the educational technology sector.

When you witness other people’s success you become challenged and more creative, daring and innovative.

It is a losing battle to just set yourself up on Skype and post a few adverts here and there in the online community concerning your tutoring services and just wait around for students to request for your services.

Form a network of colleagues who can not only promote your services, but also help you reach out to other online students, remember pro-activity ad passion are the main keys to success.



You should also work on sharpening your tutor skills.

Therefore, prepare comprehensive lesson plans that take into account the individual’s personal needs and after each lesson note down the main areas of improvement, then focus on these areas at the beginning of the next lesson.


Create a Rapport


Create a learning management system which can help you in formulating the background structure that you will use for facilitating informal communication in between the periods of online sessions.

You can coordinate online discussions and contribution with your students in communication mediums such as Facebook or Twitter.

You can also set up private class groups on social sites like Facebook, WhatsApp or other sites to enable interaction with students.

Having an established connection between your chosen social media site and your learning management system can help you work very effectively. It would be better to inquire about the medium the students prefer the most and work on putting that medium into practice.

These sites can also help improve English writing skills as the main mode of communicating would be in English, they are also means to enable students to be corrected in case of errors therefore they are learning sites.


Online Tutoring Platform


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JUST come up with a video based training course to teach students worldwide.

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So, don’t get late! Plan your course, sit in front of your PC or laptop and start recording your course videos; upload on this established online tutoring platform, your earning will be started from day one.


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