Why Skills Are More Important than a Degree for Online Job

By M.Akmal
August 8, 2019


Online jobs are a fast rising job resource center in the modern digital age.

Online Jobs have become the most sought after jobs, especially among the young domain because they are paying jobs that do not need a high mode of investment coupled with the fact that are easily flexible and do not need a high degree of oversight.

Online jobs are limited in number; there is variety available, from which a job-seeker can choose from.

For example, there are positions for being a virtual assistant, an online writer or publisher, an online reseller, language translators, call receiver for companies, data entry assistant for top jobs the list is endless.

The surprising fact is that while normal circumstances, employers require academic qualifications, within the online community the most valued asset a potential employee should have is a specific skill-set.

The employee with a strong skill sets have better chances of success in online communities.

Indeed, with the rising number of graduates from various Universities and Colleges, the question is whether there are equal number of job vacancies to cover all these graduates.

In reality the truth is that employment spaces are limited.

Newly graduated students are taught to believe that their certificates and diplomas are the main gateways to employment, and in some instances, it may be true, but generally, those who seek to employ them usually put more emphasis on their skills rather than their academic qualifications such as degrees.

This is evident by the fact that skills are the most sought out qualities even within interview questions.

Recent surveys support this notion, that employers find more value in experience and relevant skills rather than in education when evaluating interviewees.   

Skills Required In Pursuing an Online Job

This is a real fact that online job requires a diversity of the skills, but the main question that one would ask is what kind of skills required in pursuing an online job.

There are two types of skill-sets that employers seek; baseline skills and technical skills.

Baseline skills are qualities that are inherent across the board in several occupations that are not necessarily taught in training sessions such as communication skills, client outsourcing skills, whereas the technical skills are taught as they are to be used in a particular occupation or industry.

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It can consequently be construed that since baseline skills are not taught within training programs to acquaint an individual on what they are supposed to do within their occupations, they are more suited in the information and technology sector which is the online sector.

For an online employee to earn a big salary or move up the ladder within the online community communication skills are very essential.

Communication skills are very high in the list of priorities of an employer that it may well be assumed that communication skills are the basic sole requirements needed in order to land a job.

Online job seekers should have to keep in mind that it is their voice through the digital wire in the form of words that is most catchy to the employer.

Seemingly, then their resumes should be top notch as they speak volumes about them.

Personal Nature for Online Jobs

Online jobs are very individualized and personalized; this means that as an individual pursuing an online job it will require that you set the pace for yourself by being self-motivated, organized and detail-oriented.

The skills required are baseline skills, this means that they are not taught in schools, neither are they guaranteed because of the possession of a degree.

Therefore, the following skills are the most valued for online jobs, organizational skills, good communication skills, self-supervisory skills and creativity.

These skills should be individually horned and nurtured, rarely are they taught in class with specific modules outlined in class teaching on how to obtain these skill-sets.

For example, being self-motivated and responsible is an inherent quality that only the individual can have or aspire to have.

Emergence of New Content

The evolution and development of new learning systems and emergence of new job openings that had not been foreseen in the current learning system has led to the formation of new online jobs.

The lack of opening slots for these new techniques in the learning curriculum has led to online employers seeking for individuals who carry the skill sets.

For example programming, while it may be taught in school it has evolved and all one needs to know is the method and be creative.

Online teaching using search engines or tutorials in the internet has made learning more easily accessible to individuals who do not need to go to school to obtain degrees to be knowledgeable in these spheres.

So, if you want to grow your career in online field or want to be a successful online earner, then you should focus more on your skills persona.

Do your best to strengthen your baseline and technical skills and go ahead.


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